What is TIM?

Tim is an online Team HOUSE POINT SYSTEM that allows any team member to give any other member of the team a house point. It’s divided into 8 areas:

- Team Player
- Above & Beyond
- Completer Finisher
- Fun at Work
- Positive Mental Attitude
- Passion
- Problem-solving
- Just a Star

Plus there is “Super Point” point which is awarded by senior management to team members as a “Bonus Point”

Each point equates to a crypto cookie, you can specify a monetary value of crypto cookies and that display on the system to show the teams how much their points are worth.

You can also group your team into “Houses” promoting a sense of team spirit and a little healthy competition between the houses. At the end of the month or the quarter, you could have your houses choose if they want to spend their accumulated Crypto Cookies as individual houses, as a whole team or bank them to carry over to the next month for a bigger reward.


How does TIM work?

Each member of your team receives a login to the TIM web portal. Once they login they will see their dashboard. Which shows their House and the members of the team in their house.

From here they can give a point, see a summary of the points they have received and who gave them the points as well.

It will also tell them how many points their team has earnt, how many points they have earned for the team and also how many points have been spent and on what, so they can see the rewards and recognition of their efforts in one place.

Team members can then spend their points against various prizes from vouchers, to team meals and days out.... you can specify what they can spend their crypto cookies on or you can allow them to see how much they have and suggest what they would like to spend it on. 

And if you use Slack as a messaging system for your internal communications, we can integrate into slack so points can be awarded from Slack, making it easy for the team to see who’s awarding them points in real time.


If you'd like to find out more or to sign up please email us at info@rjdm.com

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