animation over reading

This week we explore why choosing animation to engage your customers emotionally will be more beneficial to your marketing

As an animation studio we are continually working with companies who have services or products that they need to sell to their consumers.  However more and more we are advising that if companies truly want to engage their audience in their product they should move away from the old style hard sell and more towards telling them a story. There are many reason for this – people are more skeptical of hard sell techniques, as well as the changing way in which we research and consume our information is changing – moving away from the traditional push model of ad breaks of old and into the digital realm where we as conusmers search out the information from many communication channels.

This is where viral animations come in.  To really stand out and connect with your consumer, engaging them at an emotional level works much better than the hard sell. As an animation company we are best placed to take your advertising and marketing ideas and turn them into an engaging story that captivates your audience. 

Using all our years of production experience we can take your USP’s and present them in a manner that means your audience can relate and engage with the product rather than telling them they needed it.  By taking your audience on a journey, and possibly making them pain aware (what would happen if they didn’t have your product) you allow them to make their ‘own’ choice to favour your product.

But don’t just take our word for it. As you can see by the stats above, more of your audience is likely to engage with your product through a video rather than static text and as this article highlights, the old adage of people buying on emotion is true - For more information check out our blog post on the science behind our animations and the RJDM website. Can you afford not to?! :)

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