Ford RS Global launch

We are very honoured to have been asked to produce the animation to be part of the global launch of the brand new Ford Focus RS.

As part of the reveal show the old Focus RS is driven into the side of the stage behind a large screen. Our animation silhouettes the ‘action’ of the old Focus RS travelling along a conveyor belt being taken apart and modified into the new version. At the end of the animation the new Focus RS is driven onto the stage for the reveal.

We had great fun making this and being part of the global launch of such an iconic car.

To make this a success we worked closely with the events team and stage show to make sure the animation looked amazing on the large bespoke sized screen and mixed seamlessly with the live action stage show.

Check out our animation as part of the global reveal here - (scoot along to 24 mins to see our lovely animation on the big screen!)

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