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Augmented Reality - or is it magic?!

Exhibiting at marketing Week Live gave us the perfect excuse to have a real proper delve into the world of Augmented Reality, as it’s the perfect technology for us to showcase the amazing talent we have across 3D animation and app/software development. We had great fun working with this, but even we were amazed by the results and were left wondering if there was an element of magic about the whole thing!!

For those of you who couldn’t make it along to Marketing Week Live to check out our Augmented Reality app – shame on you!! However you are in luck as below is a sneak peak of the Augmented Reality sorcery from our very talented team.

Augmented Reality Demo

For our demo app we chose three of the ways that best showed off our ability to fuse content and functionality in our unique RJDM way. You may have seen some Augmented Reality before that recognises images and displays static content – images, text or a link to a website, but we wanted to push the boundaries a bit further and incorporate, animated scenes, videos, text, colour changing options and text – sometimes all at the same time! This was a bit of a challenge for the team as there is no fixed camera to animate to and all the lovely scene lighting is removed, but it was a challenge they rose to amazingly well! I’m not sure if many of you would have seen anything like these…. Mimi Podium To attract people to the stand we used short looped animations of Mimi attracting the attention of passers by. This was a challenge for the team to make sure the animation and shading looked right from every angle, and I can’t repeat what words were used when we suggested pulling signs from thin air!

Nissan ZEOD RC We wanted to showcase how good a product could look using Augmented Reality and thought that the Nissan ZEOD RC that we animated for Nissan would be the perfect example.

Mimi’s drive through cinema This really was the Pièce de résistance as a fusion of content and functionality.  Not only did we manage to nicely light the scene but we also managed to cram in multiple objects, real time playing video with the option to switch between 4 choices, 3 randomly selected looped animations of Mimi, a textured rug and camper van and 2 amazingly retro movie posters that link out to the blog and website – phew!

We hope you are as impressed as we are! If you would like to find out more about Augmented Reality check out our other blog posts or give us a call to discuss how we can use this awesome technology for you. For more about us and the great work we do head to ***DISCLAIMER: Remember - no post production effects have been used on these videos and no programmers or TD's were harmed in the creation of the app!!***

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